Rocked by a Vampire - Vol. 7 - Chloe Wilkox

Rocked by a Vampire - Vol. 7

By Chloe Wilkox

  • Release Date: 2017-09-20
  • Genre: Thriller


Love, vampires, eroticism… A fantasy romance that's hotter than Twilight!
The exhaustion and weakness are making me resigned to my fate. Then, suddenly, like a slideshow, all the images of Benjamin stored in my memory flash through my mind.
The first time I saw him.
His generous mouth, his gorgeous dimples, and his thick chestnut hair make my stomach lurch with lust. Every bit the irresistible alpha male…
The first time he told me I was beautiful.
I can feel the violence of his desire, but I don't dare to believe it…
Our first kiss.
His lips touch mine, his tongue slips into my mouth, and it's like an earthquake, our clothes are on the floor and… 
And it's the start of the greatest passion on earth, ever.
Our life together is just beginning.
I don't want to die. 
After the success of Obeying my Billionaire, Chloe Wilkox is back with a new saga Rocked by a Vampire. Can you resist the charms of the sexiest vampire on Earth?
Rocked by a Vampire, volume 7/12.