Rocked by a Vampire - Vol. 9 - Chloe Wilkox

Rocked by a Vampire - Vol. 9

By Chloe Wilkox

  • Release Date: 2017-09-21
  • Genre: Thriller


Love, vampires, eroticism… A fantasy romance that's hotter than Twilight!
Have you ever had an adrenaline injection, a shoot strong enough to restart your heart? 
Have you ever had such a powerful flash of energy that it feels like the exact opposite of death? 
Have you ever almost drowned, and just got to the surface in time?
Have you ever tasted the blood of the vampire you love more than anything in the world?
After the success of Obeying my Billionaire, Chloe Wilkox is back with a new saga Rocked by a Vampire. Can you resist the charms of the sexiest vampire on Earth?
Rocked by a Vampire, volume 9/12.