Boxed Set: Obsessed with a Billionaire, vol. 7-9 - Kate B. Jacobson

Boxed Set: Obsessed with a Billionaire, vol. 7-9

By Kate B. Jacobson

  • Release Date: 2015-02-05
  • Genre: Thriller


Matilda gets a wake-up call. Percival, her fiancé, is under arrest. He’s suspected of murdering his wife, who died three years ago in a plane crash. Percival’s ex-best-friend Douglas has made some revelations that suggest he is guilty. 

The lovely Matilda suspects foul play, and she’s determined to prove that the love of her life is innocent. But how can she help him when Percival has no memory of the event that caused Charlotte’s death? How can she help him when he doubts his own innocence?

Kate Jacobson, the best-selling author of Love U, is back with a new series packed with emotion: Obsessed with a Billionaire.


Kate Bonny Jacobson was born in 1984. She grew up in Wyoming. She inherited her love of literature from her parents who are both professors of English literature. After traveling far and wide, particularly in Europe, where she lived for a few years, Kate Jacobson settled in the Boston area, where she lives with her husband and their three sons. Her first novel was Love U, which takes place in the pitiless world of Hollywood. Her second series, Obsessed with a Billionaire, has already won hearts the world over.

This pack contains the third installment of the collection